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ActivMed Practices & Research is a woman owned company that continues to lead the Clinical Research Trials industry since it was founded in 1994. Our trained physicians have gained their knowledge, skill sand experience by performing over 750 medical studies ranging from Vaccine Research Trials to Alzheimer’s Research trials.
Let us help you discover trials that fit your schedule, have cutting edge facilities and find professionals that you can count on when seeking to join a medical clinical research trial.


There is an ample amount of work that goes into creating common household medications. Even something as simple as the pill you take for a headache has spent years in clinical trials before it reached the market and became available for you to purchase. It takes, on average, 8-12 years of development before drugs get approved by the FDA– and these clinical trials could not have taken place without the right people joining and participating!
Today all new medications in the United States go through a long and tedious study process and evaluation. We look at different doses, different diseases and different ethnic back grounds to see what works best for each disease and has the least side effects for the individual taking the medication.

Here are some of the reasons that people, just like you, participate in clinical trials:

  • To learn more about a disease/condition
  • The feeling of helping mankind in the development of future treatments of diseases
  • To help find better treatments for diabetes, since this disease is hereditary and their children will be the next generation needing better treatments
  • Extra medical attention with health care providers and follow up visits which allow time to discuss questions
  • Study related medical visits, study medication, and related laboratory tests are at no cost to qualifying participants
  • To learn how to take better care of themselves related to their disease states
  • To experience newer future imaging techniques for heart and bone diseases verses current standards

Through these trials at ActivMed, we have worked to better medications, improve scanning equipment, create painless devices to deliver medications, create new blood testing home machines and worked to enhance thousands of other medical breakthroughs.

Our Physicians have their own private practice settings and are all trained with GCP and ICH guidelines. We have multi-specialty research offices for Medical Research Trials going on in many different clinical disease states. Here are just a few we have completed. Vaccine Research trials, Neurology Research trials, Dermatology Research trials, Nephrology Research Trials, Cardiology Research trials, Pain Research trials, including Back Pain Research, hip and knee pain research studies, Migraine studies, Diabetes Research Trials, Cholesterol Research Trials, Alzheimer’s Research Trials, Urology Research Trials, BPH Research, Testosterone Research, Psychiatric Research Studies, Depression Research, Anxiety Research, PTSD Research, COPD (lung disease) Studies, Psoriasis Research, and Acne Research

ActivMed Practices & Research, Inc. has offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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